Patricia Shepherd – Artist Bio

Although Patricia’s artistic interests as well as her art have evolved over the years her inspiration, found in nature and throughout the Southwest desert she calls home, has remained her steadfast influence and is evident in all she creates.

While carefully layering epoxy resin, mica pigments and other organic matter, and producing vibrant abstracts with glass-like finish which contribute to the motion and depth found in each piece, Patricia brings to life abstractions born from nature inspired consciousness and emotions, rather than from any sense of realism; thus allowing the viewer to experience through thought and inner-feelings their own unique and significant meaning of each work of art.

Just as Mother Nature does with her perfect color collaborations in the glorious sunsets, landscapes, mountain ranges and foliage, each piece of resin art is exhilarating, yet calming, with its myriad of hues mingling together in perfect harmony.

Patricia’s creative talents, which were apparent at an early age, have garnered her awards in different mediums throughout her career and although she continues to challenge herself by exploring new avenues of artful expression, she finds peace and fulfillment in the creation of her resin masterpieces as she shares them with those who, like herself, are drawn to their captivating, hypnotic nature.

Patricia Shepherd – Artist Statement

“I find my inspiration is defined by nature whether I’m working with resin, fussed glass or other media and to me, there’s nothing more beautiful than an Arizona sunset or more moving than a covey of quail running across the desert.  I aim to create the depth and hypnotic spectacles of the different landscapes and creatures by channeling the awe-inspiring scenes from the natural world.

My art is about feelings and emotion and each piece mesmerizes and captivates the viewer through the intrinsic weavings of the colors as they intersperse with each other and uplift the imagination and spirit.

The facial expressions of those who view my art is assurance that I have succeeded in capturing inspirational pieces of nature’s beauty and the enjoyment I receive in being able to create works of art which evoke such happiness in people fills me with gratitude and drives me to continue my artistic journey.”